Forest Monday, March 9, 2015

Today we had B.C.’s dad, R.T.’s dad, Mr. Sadowski, and Miss Wetzel. It was much warmer and we could be outside for longer. We built more than half of an igloo!

IMG_6253 IMG_6255

First, we built a block model igloo. The first step was to sort the blocks that were different shapes. There was an order that we added blocks to our igloo. On the bottom were the long rectangles, then the squares, and then little rectangles at the top. We built the whole roof!

IMG_6257 IMG_6259

When we got outside, we had to work in groups to make blocks out of snow. We all worked together. We shared water buckets to mix with the snow. The water was used because the snow was not sticky and so it helped to keep the snow together. R.T.’s dad was cutting bricks into shapes from a snow bank. Sometimes they would change shape when we carried them to the igloo. We used the sleds to carry the blocks.

IMG_6262 IMG_6265

We had to dig a flat spot for the igloo’s floor. We put it in a shady spot so that the igloo wouldn’t melt. It was very hard to build. It started very little and then it grew bigger. Mr. Sadowski stacked the blocks as we were bringing them over.

IMG_6273 IMG_6276

After we worked on the igloo, we played for a little bit. Some of us went down on a big hill without a sled. We had to make our own trail. At first it was pretty slow, but after a while we could go faster. Some of us went down the little hill with a sled. The people who went on the paths went faster.

IMG_6263 IMG_6278

At snack time, we got to try different kinds of Cape Cod potato chips. The chips have less fat in them and they’re made not too far from here. There were four kinds: tomato, creamy, regular, and spicy. Some of us thought we wouldn’t like the chips but everyone tried each flavor and actually liked them. After going inside for snack, we got back to work on the igloo. The igloo was getting bigger!

IMG_6264 IMG_6280

The first picture is before snack when the igloo was lower to the ground. The second picture is after snack when we were done building the igloo for the day.

IMG_6283 IMG_6288

At the end of the day, Mr. Sadowski showed us how to draw a tree on our paper that showed the different seasons. We drew apple trees to show what they look like during each season. Our trees were scientific drawings and realistic.

It was 34 degrees today when we were outside even though it was much colder this morning (14 degrees).


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