Forest Monday, March 16, 2015

Mr. Sadowski, Miss Wetzel, O.B.’s mom, B.C.’s dad, and Mrs. McPherson were here today. Today we went in the forest.

IMG_6292 IMG_6295

We started our day by learning about syrup. We were learning how to make syrup by using math. Thirty parts water and one part syrup make up the sap. We had to boil out the water. It takes a long time.

IMG_6298 IMG_6299

Today we went off the trail to get to our sit spots. On the way we had to find seven sticks to help make the fire. It was safe to go off of the trail today because it was frozen and the snow was softer than it was on the trail.

IMG_6302 IMG_6305

In sit spots, B.P. saw a squirrel and was watching it while being very quiet. He was happy that he saw one. O.B. found a baby tree that was bent over and so he climbed in it. It reminded him of a baby bear bed.


IMG_6314 IMG_6315

During play time we were playing games where we chased each other. Some of us were playing Star Wars. Also, a lot of us played on the zip line! One person helped us get on the seat and then another person helped us get off at the end. A lot of us came to enjoy it. It’s fun but a little scary for some of us. It didn’t go very fast.

IMG_6310 IMG_6311

Some of us collected little sticks that were dry. We knew they were dry because we could break them. When we gathered a few, it helped keep the fire burning. As the fire got hotter and the water boiled, we got to try the partly water/partly sap to see if it was ready and tasting like syrup.

IMG_6307 IMG_6306

The water vapor went up into the air and the more that it did, the more maple syrup we made. We had syrup in one of the bottles and we used the other bottles to see the change in the sap. First it was sap, then it was partly sap, and then it was more like syrup.

IMG_6316 IMG_6318

For snack we had ice cream with syrup. It was yummy! When we were done, we asked for more but we started running out of syrup.


Before we went in, water was poured over the fire and then we saw steam. There was a lot! Some of us covered our eyes.

IMG_6321 IMG_6327

We also played the Fox and Rabbit game. We were trying to grab the sticks without being caught. The person in the middle wore a bandanna and had to use their sense of hearing to catch who was coming to get the stick. It was easier to play inside because there was no snow there and outside it was crunchy and loud.

It was 27 degrees today. We had a good day and wish we could have stayed out longer because it was beautiful!


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