Forest Monday, June 8, 2015

Today we had a lot of extra people with us. It was our last Forest Monday.

In the morning, all of us thought about what Forest Monday has meant to us in our lives.

IMG_6920 IMG_6923

When we went outside, we were walking on the leaves in the garden. We went the way by the beans instead of by the asparagus because the plants were in our way. The way by the beans was a tunnel. The tunnel was kind of like a long house that Indians used to live in. We saw some vegetables growing, like carrots.

IMG_6924 IMG_6925

In sit spots, J.W. was using a broken part of a tree like a see-saw (or surfboard!). C.C. was stacking tree cookies to make a tower on a stump. She wanted to see how many she could kick down (using her karate skills). The tower looked very high! In J.T.’s sit spot, he was getting rained on. It rained, and then it stopped, and then started again.

IMG_6927 IMG_6934

Today for snack we had s’mores. KI joined us for that. It was very different and it was fun to have them. To make s’mores you put the marshmallow on the stick. You cook the marshmallow over the fire and when it is warm you can put it with chocolate and graham crackers. When we were taking off the marshmallows it was kind of hard to get the whole part off. We really liked the s’mores!

 photo 2 photo 3

These are our stations. We were learning about math in one. This is Miss Wetzel’s station. We had to figure out little problems, with plus signs and minus signs and different numbers. We used sticks to make big plus and minus signs. A lot of us stood in front of the group and figured out what numbers to add. Some of us figured out the problems in our brains. Some of us used our fingers.

In Mr. Sadowski’s station we went for a walk and talked about all that we have learned this year in the forest. We looked at princess pine and saw a really big pine tree. We walked across a bridge and then came back. The trail was for Mr. Kornfeld.


When we came back inside, we got a piece of paper and then we got to work on our thoughts that we had in the morning about what Forest Monday has meant to us. J.W. wrote that he loves Forest Kindergarten because we get to go to sit spots and notice others and nature. K.W. wrote that it is beautiful out in the forest. N.J. wrote that she knows the forest and she acts like the forest. We are going to turn all of our writing into a book!


We took a picture of everyone by the fire pit for our last day. It was 57 degrees in the forest today. Today was Miss Wetzel’s birthday and we wanted to make it a special day for her!

Today was one of the best days in the forest! We liked having visitors for snack and we also liked having new adults with us. It was an extraordinary year and we will miss it!


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