Forest Monday, June 1, 2015

Today it rained pretty hard. Mrs. McPherson, Miss Wetzel, Mr. Sawdowski, Mrs. Hamilton, B.C.’s dad, H.D.’s mom, O.B.’s mom, and J.W.’s dad were here with us.

IMG_6883 IMG_6885

Today we were talking about beets and we were also looking at flower parts. Beets have more sugar than any other plants growing under ground in Vermont. We got umbrellas if we drew pictures and wrote on our forest plans. The umbrellas were fun and silly.


This picture was painted for Mr. Kornfeld because he will be leaving to go to Costa Rica.  The painting shows our shed and garden. It is going to be put on the shed near the garden and then at garden club we are going to show it to him. It is a surprise!

Then we hiked and looked for different flowers for a project we were going to do later.


IMG_6894 IMG_6895

At sit spots it looked like L.A. was taking a little nap. He was laying down on the logs, pretending to make a bed. At her sit spot, L.A. was looking around the woods. K.W. was making leaf umbrellas so that animals could sleep underneath them. It looked like E.T. was trying to move the tree that had fallen into her sit spot. At C.C.’s sit spot, she found some white stuff with a spider near it so she thought they were spider eggs. B.C. was standing on a rock and noticed it was raining pretty hard.


A lot of people wanted to go on the zip line because it was a lot of fun. Some got to go a few times! J.W.’s dad was helping at the bottom and Miss Wetzel was helping at the top. It goes very fast!

IMG_6902 IMG_6903

Then it was snack time. Today we had beets for snack. If we wanted to have pretzels dipped in chocolate then we had to try the beets.


There was a lot of rain so we went inside for lunch. At Miss Wetzel’s group during stations, we were looking at different words. We were making the sounds that were in those words and looking at how to spell the words. We were passing cards around while Miss Wetzel sang a song and when she stopped we read which word we had in our hands.

IMG_6911 IMG_6914

At Mr. Sadowski’s station, we were dissecting flowers and learning the names of the different parts. The parts are the leaves, stem, petals, roots, stamen, and pollen sack. We were putting the parts in different areas on the floor. We took the petals off, then cut the pollen sacks off of the flower, and also the pistil.

The temperature was 47 degrees and it was rainy.When we were outside, the moisture in the air was very wet. If we had hoods we had to wear them. Some of us didn’t have hoods so Mr. Sadowski made hoods out of a bag. It was funny! It was very wet and everything we walked on was soaked. We had a great day.


Our Forest Monday program has been getting a lot of positive attention recently! Take a listen, if you haven’t already, to the podcasts and presentations about our days in the forest.

American RadioWorks (33:40):

NPR (4:39):

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