Forest Monday, May 11, 2015

We had Mr. Sadowski, Miss Wetzel, B.C.’s dad, and E.O.’s grandma, grandpa, and great grandma here with us today.


On Friday, we made paper. We ripped up newspaper and then we blended it with water. We put it on a screen to dry. The paper dried over the weekend and we drew on them today. We found paper that was in the shape of another object and then colored the shapes to look like those objects.

IMG_6726 IMG_6728

Outside, we went to the garden to get forget-me-nots. We were going to plant them in the forest.


On our hike up, we found some fiddle head ferns. You can eat fiddle head ferns if you boil them first.

IMG_6752 IMG_6754

During play time, L.D. was pushing some logs down a hill. Some of us were running and building forts. We were using sticks to put them together. This is a picture of us on the zip line. It goes very fast and it is fun!

IMG_6763 IMG_6761

For snack we had pineapple. Mr. Sadowski cut up one whole pineapple and put the pieces on toothpicks so that we could eat them. They tasted very good! L.A. was sucking the juice from the outside part of the pineapple. The juice was getting all over him!

IMG_6769 IMG_6771 IMG_6784

In Mr. Sadowski’s group, we were planting forget-me-nots in the forest. We had to dig holes with shovels but it was hard. The roots and rocks were in the way of the shovels. Mr. Sadowski taught us to cut the ground in a circle, then take the dirt out, place the plant in the hole, and then put the dirt back. We were spreading all of the dirt around the plants so that they wouldn’t tip over and die.

IMG_6781 IMG_6783

In Miss Wetzel’s group, we were making nests with materials that we found in the woods. We had to get everything we needed and used teamwork to make them. When we were building nests, some of us were using sticks that could bend. We also used grass and bark.

It was 68 degrees today. It didn’t start raining until we came inside. We had a really nice day.


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