Forest Monday, April 20, 2015

Today we had Miss Wetzel, Mrs. McPherson, Mr. Sadowski, Ms. Tracee, O.B.’s mom, and B.C.’s dad.

IMG_6545 IMG_6546

R.T. and J.T. were holding their potatoes from the morning. We were trying to spell potato. It starts with P and then O-T-A-T-O. The reason we were spelling the word potato was because we were going to use potatoes later on. Some of us had to be teachers and help our friends spell the word.

IMG_6548 IMG_6549 IMG_6547

We found garlic in the garden. This is a picture of us standing by our melted igloo. There was only a little snow left. We all couldn’t fit on the little piece that was left. This is a picture of the bean house. There was not enough room for our whole class. There are no plants growing yet.

IMG_6553 IMG_6557

In sit spots, A.M. and N.J. were using sticks on the trees. A.M. noticed that when she used her stick, more water would fall on her. Others noticed that a lot of sticks were on the ground after falling from the trees. The sit spots that had rocks were very slippery! J.T.’s sit spot had a lot of cut logs.

IMG_6560 IMG_6562 IMG_6564

During play time, some of us helped to make snack. We used teamwork. For snack we had potato pancakes. First we peeled the potatoes. Then we were grating them and putting some garlic, onions, and eggs in the bowl. We cooked them on the fire in a pan. We all tried the potato pancakes. They tasted really good!

IMG_6563 IMG_6565

Some of us went down to the little house and some of us were playing transformers. Some of us played chasing games. B.P. was looking at a tree and noticed little holes but didn’t know what they were. C.C. was using a rope to climb the rock and was pretending to be a rock climber.

IMG_6566 IMG_6567

In one station we found sticks and solved problems. Miss Wetzel would tell us math problems and we would solve them with our sticks.

IMG_6569 IMG_6571

In another station we were building the log cabin and picking up different logs and sticks. Some of us found salamanders. We all used teamwork to bring the wood that was really heavy to the wood pile. It was very hard to hammer down the nails for the log cabin. It is very fun!

IMG_6578 IMG_6579

B.P. and E.O. were peeking their heads out of the window of the cabin. We all fit inside! Next we will put the roof on it.

It was 40 degrees today. The whole day was super good and it was pretty nice outside.

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