Forest Monday, January 26, 2015

Miss Wetzel, Mr. Sadowski, and H.D.’s mom were in the woods with us today. It was cold in the morning but we went out when it warmed up a little.

IMG_6059 IMG_6063

In one of our stations we were watching a video and it was about huskies, a kind of dog that pulls a sleigh in the Arctic. The dogs pull the sleigh very fast. Sometimes when the dogs are little, they get excited. They were also excited when they were going to pull the sleigh. Then we sorted Arctic animals based on whether they live in water, on land, or in both places.

IMG_6048 IMG_6071

In another station we were looking at a piece of paper with a house through the seasons. Some things change and some things don’t when the seasons change.

IMG_6076 IMG_6077

At our pause we were trying to guess how much snow we are going to get tomorrow. We thought we could get snow up to our knees and up to our heads. We looked into the sky and talked about flat and wide clouds that could mean a storm is coming.

When we were walking up the trail we noticed that two trees were laying down on the path. It was a little slippery but when we got off the trail it wasn’t as slippery.

IMG_6078 IMG_6079

During sit spots C.C. was hitting different sticks. She noticed that the little stick made a high sound and the long stick made a low sound. E.O. was working on his fort to break the ice and get the snow off of it. He was trying to make it warmer.

IMG_6081 IMG_6082

At play time, some of us were protecting our fort. Some of us were sliding down the hill. When we climbed back up the hill we would slip down.

IMG_6083 IMG_6084

We had black forest ham for snack. It was delicious! The black forest is called the black forest because there are a lot of hemlock trees in it. We also had bread with the ham. Before we put the bread on the pan, we had to put butter in. We would flip the toast in the pan.


It was was 10 degrees today. When it was time to go, like last time, we walked next to the road to get down to the school. When we were at school we warmed up and had a good lunch.

We wish we could stay out longer, but some of us were getting cold. It was a beautiful day.


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