Forest Monday, December 15, 2014

Today E.O.’s mom, B.C.’s dad, B.P.’s dad, H.D.’s mom, Mr. Sadowski, Miss Wetzel, and Mrs. McPherson were here.

IMG_5904 IMG_5905 IMG_5907

Last week there were some cirrus clouds which led to snow. We were practicing putting our snowshoes on. There were middle straps and you had to tighten them by pulling. There was one strap in the back as well. It’s really hard to strap them because you have to pull them really hard. We kept trying until we did it. It was a little wobbly and silly to walk in them but we got up the hill with them.

IMG_5911 IMG_5914

At our pause, we talked about how deer sometimes sink and get stuck in the snow. Bears, dogs, and snowshoe rabbits don’t sink in the snow. We saw deer tracks on the way and when we were walking we found that there was less snow under the hemlock trees.

IMG_5915 IMG_5917

During sit spots, O.B. was digging a tunnel. E.T. kept slipping down the slope. Her sit spot was pretty slippery.

IMG_5920 IMG_5921 IMG_5923

During play time some of us were sliding. We had fun on the slide because we had to remake it and make sure it was slippery. There was more ice than last week so it was more fun!

IMG_5926  IMG_5932IMG_5930

Some of us were making french toast. It was so yummy that some of us wanted seconds. We had to first put in the eggs. We also put in some vanilla, sugar, cinnamon, and milk. Then we put the bread in the batter. The eggs, syrup, and the bread came from Vermont.

IMG_5912 IMG_5934

We had to pack down our own path today. It was 31 degrees. It was very wonderful outside because of the snow on the ground. We wish we could stay out longer.


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