Forest Monday, December 8, 2014

Today we went outside to the great, cold, natural forest. Mr. Sadowski, Miss Wetzel, Mrs. McPherson, and B.P.’s dad were out with us.


During our pause we were looking up to see if there were any clouds. Cirrus clouds are very clear. They are like a paint brush. Cirrus clouds mean that it will be stormy soon.

IMG_5881 IMG_5885

At play time, E.T. found a rock, looked under it and found icicles. We thought they had dripped down the side of the rock. Some of us were sledding on our knees and bottoms. It was better when we slid on our knees. The roots started popping up when we slid and took all the snow away. We wanted to play for longer.

IMG_5884 IMG_5887


For snack we had carrot soup! We grew the carrots in our school garden and the garden club kids made the soup. Ginger was added to the soup. It was in the freezer and we cooked it above the fire. It was delicious!

IMG_5889 IMG_5890

We went inside early and played a game where someone sits in the middle while someone tries to take an object in front of them. The person had to use their ears and clap and point if they heard someone coming. People tried to sneak and get the objects. We were talking about nocturnal animals so that we could learn about animals using different senses.


Mr. Sadowski read us a story and showed us pictures of real log cabins built long ago. We were looking at it and saw different games that they played in the cabins. We might make little toys, like checkers, to play out in the woods. We are thinking of what to put in our log cabin.

It was 13 degrees outside. It was cold but we had a wonderful day.


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