Forest Monday, November 24, 2014

Mr. Sadowski, Miss Wetzel, Mrs. McPherson, as well as B.C.’s dad were there to help us today.  We did not go outside early, we stayed inside because it was raining.

IMG_5795 IMG_5797

In one of our work stations we were making a log cabin. We were making it out of wood. This was the indoor one which is smaller than the outdoor one. We used nails and hammers to hammer the nails into the wood. The room was messy!

We were also putting numbers in order using team work. We counted by 2’s.


In our other work station we were doing a show by acting. We were watching a video on Miss Wetzel’s computer and after we watched the video we practiced the movements. The video was about the Pilgrims who came on a boat called the Mayflower. It was hard to survive on the journey. The Indians taught them how to fish, hunt, and plant corn.

After work stations, we looked on the radar and out of the window and it had stopped raining. We decided to go outside.

IMG_5803 IMG_5805

In sit spots, R.T. found a few pieces of ice on the ground. C.C. found little, baby spider eggs.

IMG_5806 IMG_5811

Then we had snack. We had steak! We cooked it on the fire. We heard the steak bubbling. It smelled delicious.

IMG_5814 IMG_5817

We ate the steak on toothpicks. It was great!

IMG_5824 IMG_5809

When we were outside, K.P. found a salamander outside by a tree. She showed it to the people who wanted to see it and had to take her gloves off. When it was time to go in she had to let it go. B.P. found a bone by the stick fort. He thought it was a deer bone. We thought maybe an animal had left the bone behind.


We all could fit in the log cabin, it was so big! We worked on building it more today.

It was 56 degrees today. It was a very nice day and some of us feel like we belong in the forest forever.


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