Forest Monday, November 17, 2014

B.C.’s dad, E.O.’s mom and dad, H.D.’s mom, B.P.’s dad, Miss Wetzel, Mr. Sadowski, and Mrs. McPherson were outside in the forest with us today.

IMG_5723  IMG_5721

During our pause, we were talking about bears and how in the summer they climb trees. When they do this they make marks with their claws. The marks stay there forever.

We saw footprints in the snow on the way to our sit spots. We don’t know what the footprints were but we think they might be from a chipmunk, squirrel, bird, or bunny.

IMG_5728 IMG_5730

In sit spots, K.P. was trying to make a snow angel. L.D. was making tracks with two different sticks.

IMG_5736 IMG_5739IMG_5748

At play time, we were building the log cabin just like the white settlers. We used beech logs and hemlock. The nails were bending because the wood was really hard. We got very good at hammering the nails. We might need to figure out how to make the door. Maybe next Monday we can finish some of it.

IMG_5743 IMG_5747

Also during play time, N.J. and S.J. were sliding down rocks by pulling on a rope tied to a tree. K.P. and B.P. were making a snowman named Olaf.


We left the forest early because it was raining out and some of us were getting cold.


Inside, in one of our stations we were making a house and putting our family on it. The squares show our family members and each different color means different people of our family.

 IMG_5758  IMG_5757  IMG_5760

In our other station, we were making cornbread. We got the corn from the school garden. We had to peel the corn seeds off of the cob and we poured the corn seeds in the grinder. It was very fun! It tasted fantastic!

It was 32 degrees this morning. We had the best time in the snow today. Maybe next Forest Monday if there is more snow we could bring a sled outside.


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