Forest Monday, November 10, 2014

We had E.O.’s mom, B.C.’s dad, Mrs. McPherson, Mrs. Barden, Miss Wetzel, and Mr. Sadowski join us in the forest today.


During our pause, we were thinking of different things the object Mr. Sadowski was holding could be. It was from the white settlers from long ago. We had to guess what it was. We figured out it was a piece of a wagon wheel.

IMG_5671 IMG_5674

During sit spots, J.W. noticed that a fallen tree looked like a dinosaur head. L.A. noticed that the sticks he was playing with were different colors on the inside.

IMG_5677 IMG_5683 IMG_5686

During play time, some students helped make snack. We made pancakes! The spelt flour came from a man who used to go to this school and now has a Vermont farm. We got a bowl and mixed the ingredients together. We had a hard time but we did not give up. Some were not round and others were round. They tasted good!

IMG_5679 IMG_5681

L.D. and B.C. were pushing water off of the roof of our shelter. E.T. was making the pile of sticks bigger but it kept falling.

IMG_5689 IMG_5691

In one of our stations, we made walking sticks. Two of our 4th grade friends helped us with our walking sticks. The wood came from apple trees and they smelled good. We scraped the sticks on a rock and after that we peeled them. We didn’t finish our walking sticks. Next Monday we might work on them.

IMG_5703 IMG_5704

In another station, we made long houses made of bark and little houses. It was fun that we all got to help and work together. It is nice to talk together.


This is a picture of a long house built by natives.

It was 35 degrees this morning. It felt good to be out in the forest. It felt so good that we wanted to stay out longer.


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