Forest Monday, November 3, 2014

E.O.’s mom, B.C.’s dad, and B.P.’s dad joined us in the woods today. Mrs. McPherson was there, Mr. Sadowski, and Miss Wetzel. Mrs. Minnucci was not here again.


First, we paused and thought about things that are made of wood. We thought that you can build a house with wood, you can build names out of sticks, and you can write on paper and with a pencil that is made from wood.

IMG_5628      IMG_5629

During sit spots, E.O. was working on a big fort, making the walls really strong. B.P. was sitting in his fort, thinking about things that are made out of wood, and also thinking about gathering firewood.

IMG_5630      IMG_5636

During play time we had the choice to help make our snack which was grilled cheese today! The bread, the butter, and the cheese were all made in Vermont. To make the grilled cheese we put butter in a pan over the fire and then we put the cheese in the middle of two pieces of bread. It was delicious!

IMG_5633      IMG_5635

During play time, E.O. and L.D. were pulling sticks to put on top of the fort to cover a big hole. In the second picture, several students found ice on a fallen tree.

IMG_5652      IMG_5653

In one of our stations we made talking sticks. We heard a story about Native Americans who used talking sticks. They were used because they weren’t getting along. They would sit in a circle and pass the stick around. After hearing the story, we made our own talking sticks. We used feathers, yarn, and crayons to decorate our talking sticks.

IMG_5655      IMG_5658

In another station, we were making the alphabet out of sticks. It was hard because we had to talk to each other and work together to make just one alphabet. The first group got part way through the alphabet and the second group got to the end of theirs and also finished the first group’s alphabet.


Before we went to the classroom, we went to the top of the forest. We saw princess pine and grass. In this picture, we are sitting at the bottom of a tree trying to get warm in the sun, away from the wind. It was pretty.

It was 40 degrees today. We had a fun day. Each time we do something different.


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