Forest Monday, October 27, 2014

Today we had Miss Wetzel, Mr. Sadowski, Mrs. MacPherson and Mrs. Barden in the woods with us.  H.D.’s mom, B.C.’s dad, and B.P.’s dad also joined us.


We  had a story told about the white settlers and the natives, or Indians.  We made a giant timeline going back to the ice age.

IMG_5578 IMG_5579

During sit spots, S.J. found a hole in a tree root.  J.T. was adding sticks to his teepee house.

IMG_5581 IMG_5585 IMG_5594

Some students decided to help make fresh, local popcorn for snack time. To make the popcorn we added oil and kernels to a pot and then we put the pot over the fire. We could hear the kernels as they were getting hot and popping. We put salt, but no butter, on the popcorn. It was yummy, we rated it a ten!


Other students made a natural slide on a smooth rock.  They tried to go down the slide on a wooden board but it did not work well.

IMG_5596 IMG_5616

In one of our stations, we were telling stories. We heard a story about a big pumpkin which was hard to pick up alone but when a lot of people worked together, it could be moved. We found the problem and solution of the story.  Then we all had a chance to make up a story that had a problem and solution and share it with another person.

IMG_5605 IMG_5611

Students were given the choice to participate in the other station because the subject matter was related to Halloween. We looked for witches using group skills and holding hands to decide which witch to get.  Each witch had a funny name like Goofy, Stander, or Bowling Ball.  We think it is good to talk to others and learn to decide together.


Here we are with all 27 witches.  They were funny and silly.

IMG_5622  IMG_5624

Here is a kind of club moss called princess pine.  The second picture shows a tree that grew on a rock and the roots could not grow through and hold it up in the wind.

It was 46 degrees today.  It was warmer than we thought and we had a nice day.


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