Forest Monday, October 20, 2014

Today was a different day because Mrs. Minnucci wasn’t here.  She had her baby!  Mr. Sadowski was here and so was Miss Wetzel, Mrs. T, Mrs. MacPherson, B.P.’s dad, B.I.’s dad, E.O.’s mom, and Mrs. Barden.  Miss Wetzel is our new teacher and Mr. Sadowski is our new Forest Teacher!


First thing this morning we were passing leaves to each other in a circle.  We were trying to remember which one was our leaf.  We used words to describe our leaves like, small, big, yellow and red.


Next we were cooking.  Not all of us cooked – people could choose if they wanted to participate.  All of us took turns pouring the beans in with the spoon.  The beans came from our school garden!  We put ketchup in the recipe.  We made baked beans.

photo 3 (2)

Lots of kids joined in a game.  Some called it super heros, some called it transformers, some called it police.  This stump was A.B.’s computer.  Some kids used sticks to protect the computer. Some kids made a force field and ice – one student made the force field and another froze it.

photo 5

After we had snack we did some work.  We were sorting the leaves by shape. Some leaves looked like a circle.  One student said that a maple leaf was like a triangle because it has three points – it looks like three triangles.  You could even fold a leaf into a rectangle or a square or a triangle.  We could also rip leaves into shapes.  We also sorted leaves by color.  There were red and pink leaves, brown leaves, green leaves, and yellow leaves.

photo 2 (2) photo 1 (2)

At the other station we learned the names of some leaves.  First we talked about them as a group.  We learned to identify oak leaves, maple, pine, beech, spruce and hemlock.  Next students taught each other the names of the leaves.  In this picture L.D. was telling B.P. the names of the leaves.  At the end of the day, every student got a bag with the leaves in them so we can show our friends and parents and family and practice.

photo 4

These kids worked together to pick up a heavy log.  They were trying to make a slide.

photo 3

This is steam! The steam came from the fire and the water when we put the fire out.

photo 1 photo 2

The last thing we did outside today was going on a mini-hike.  We were feeling a stump.  It felt soft.  Inside it was wet.  Parts of it were turning into dirt.  It was beautiful.  We found the roots to a tree. The tree was uprooted.  It was exciting.

It was 40 degrees today.  It was an exciting day today.  Mrs. Minnucci wasn’t here today.  We had a nice day.


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