Forest Monday October 6, 2014

photo 3


This student is sitting quietly during sit-spots time. She is using her binoculars to look for fall colors. Later when we gathered for morning meeting, we found out it was 41 degrees today. Some kids chose to wear rain pants, hats, scarves, coats and mittens.



This is the fire pit.  Today we heated up apple cider to go with snack.



photo 1

In the morning a lot of kids played “Camoflage” at Base Rock. In the game “Camoflage” the predators hide, and the prey counts. The predators try to sneak up on the prey. If the prey sees them and calls out their name the predator has to go back ten steps. The predators try to tag Base Rock, or “catch” the prey.

In the afternoon when we played a game with cats and dogs, we used one of our old shelters while we played.


photo 2

Also in the morning students helped Mr. Jack string rope in the shelter so that a lot of water doesn’t go on top of the tarp and weigh it down. The students had to take the rope and go over and under the log and then pull tight and then let another kid have a turn.



Here is a picture of snack. We had pumpkin muffins and fresh, brand new, hot apple cider.


IMG_1289                        IMG_1288

In Mrs. Minnucci’s station we looked for colors of fall. We listened to a poem by Robert Frost called October. Afterwards we found colors and drew them in our journals with crayons.


Once while Mrs. Minnucci was reading the line about the “wild wind” a gust of wind blew in the woods and blew down leaves that fell into the book of poems.

At Mrs. Teachout’s station we picked outdoor things and tried to make rhymes. We talked a lot about fall today. We found signs of fall, made fall rhymes and read poems about fall.


At the end of the day, some of us put up bird houses. We screwed the birdhouses into trees and posts with two drills and we took turns. Some went on trees and then it was time for gym. Last year’s class made these bird houses with Mr. Spaulding.

It was a beautiful, sunny, warm day.  We think fall is great, with the leaves falling down off the trees, and we wanted to stay out longer. We had a wonderful day!



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