Forest Monday September 29, 2014

photo 5 (5)


This morning we talked about our senses.  We went into the forest with Eagle eyes, Bear Hands, Deer Ears, Butterfly tongues, and coyote noses.

photo 4 (5) photo 3 (5) photo 2 (5)


In this picture we are at our sit spots.  One student is making a tree house with a lot of trees and four sticks.  Another student is beating on the rocks.  His sit spot was really wet.  The third student is just sitting quietly.

photo 5 (6)

At morning meeting we check the temperature.  The temperature was 60 degrees.

IMG_1223 photo (4) IMG_1225


Next we did some work.  In one station we got a cup and we smelled things and we put them in the cups.  One student got a mustache by smelling a some bark that been put in the fire a long time ago.  We smelled wintergreen berry and hemlock needles.  We tried to scrape things to get the smell to come out.

In another station we used our sense of touch.  We dug really huge holes to find bugs.  We found a rock that had lots of ants on it and one student brought it over to behind his seat.

IMG_1235 photo 3 (6)


In the last station we were looking for different colors.  We found red sticks and leaves.  We found green leaves and moss.  We found white birch bark.  We even found blue things in the woods!

photo 2 (6)


We were eating our tasty lunch.  One student is sitting in his Dad’s lap.  Mrs. Minnucci was reading a story about mice getting ready for winter.  When the mice were getting bored at the end of the winter, one mouse told them about colors and the feeling of sun on his cheeks with words.


photo (5) IMG_1239


After lunch we played again.  Two students were raking out the leaves out of the shelter.  They were taking turns with the rakes.  Some students played camouflage at Base Rock.  We pretended to be owls, bears, worms, squirrel, fish, an apple, and a fox.  Some students helped put a cover on our shelter.  Some students played by sliding off the rocks.  Other students played Ewoks.

That’s the end of Forest Monday.  We wanted to stay outside longer.  Much longer.


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