sixth week of kindergarten

DSC_0532This week we went apple picking at Riverview Orchard in Plainfield, New Hampshire. We learned about how the apple farmer grows the apples, what fencing they use to keep out animals, how long it take before a tree produces apples, and how the farmers trap pesky bugs. We all picked and had an apple snack as well. Thank you, Kim for the photos!DSC_0542

On Wednesday mornings in our classroom we follow a Reading routine. First Mrs. Minnucci introduces a reading book on the SmartBoard. We learn to use the picture clues, to make the words we say match the letters of the text, and we practice high frequency words, like “the” “can” and “go.” Then we highlight the high frequency words and practice reading the text to ourselves.


After we read to ourselves, then we read to a friend.


Then we can color in our books and take the opportunity to read to a teacher. A teacher will stamp our books if we can read it independently, but often we need to practice some more. On Fridays we have another chance to read to a teacher to earn a stamp. Every Friday we take home a book to practice more on the weekend. An important skill many students are practicing now is pointing to one word at a time while saying that one word. Parents can reinforce this at home when rereading these practice books, or during the reading you do every night with your child.

When we’ve been working really hard, sometimes we need a movement break. Last year the 3rd-5th Girls on the Run team recorded some Tabata videos. We play these on the SmartBoard and exercise along. KM is pretty good at the moves already.


At the end of this week, after a few days of some Apple Science (ask your children if apples float, even really, really big apples, and see if they can tell you about drawing like a scientist) we made applesauce together using a food mill.


Never a dull moment in kindergarten!


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