Forest Monday September 22, 2014


On our way out to the forest today, we stopped to play a game.  We were playing a cool game about hibernating and migrating.  When our teacher said hibernate we pretended to sleep on the benches.  When our teacher said migrate we ran to the bottom which was “south.” Otherwise we would pretend to gather food or make houses.

IMG_1156 IMG_1154

These pictures are of kids at their sit spots.  These kids were doing a really good job being quiet, listening to our feelings, and being by themselves.  This student was using a stick to shave the bark off of another stick.  The other student was making music with the roots behind her sit spot.


This is a picture of what some kids chose to do at play time.  These kids are drawing in their journals.  Both of them drew leaves.  One student drew an oak leaf and an acorn.

photo 4 photo 5

Both of these students were working on another student’s play house.  One is making a bed and the other is raking the garden.

Kids did all kinds of stuff during play time.  Some kids worked on a shelter.


We ate snack and Mrs. T told a story about gathering chickadee sticks, mouse tails and beaver logs to start a fire.

IMG_1166 photo 3

Then we worked.  We took turns at three stations.  At one station we gathered sticks for the fire.  We made three piles and gathered white bark to help us start our fire.  At the second station we looked at books about animals.  At the third station we helped Mrs. Minnucci’s dad make our bathroom.  The walls are made out of wood.

photo 2

We made our fire with beaver logs, mouse tails and chickadee sticks! It is important for us to stay outside the logs around our fire pit.  Mrs. Minnucci is putting sticks in the fire.  Kids never touch the fire.  It was our first time having a fire.

Today the temperature was 58 degrees outside.  It felt cold and pleasant.  Today it felt like a really good day in the woods.


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