fourth week of kindergarten


Most afternoons in our class we have Choice Time. Students use magnetic name tags to sign up on the white board to play or work at different centers around the room. Here are some photos from Thursday afternoon this week.


AM works at the “Tall Table.” This week we have a collection of natural shapes we found in the woods on Forest Monday. She is drumming.


These students all chose to work at “Tables.” There are a lot of materials that can be used at tables, including all the kinds of writing utensils, glue, and scissors, as well as math materials like Unifix cubes.

IMG_1112At the “Block Area” right now we have small three dimensional shape blocks. Sometime students work independently and sometimes they collaborate on larger projects.


IMG_1114“Pretend Spot” is a popular choice that just opened up this week. Right now there is a kitchen set up for students to play in.

IMG_1116“Book Corner” is always a choice and offers a quieter spot for students looking more closely at books we’ve read in class together at Rest Time.

Choice Time is an important part of the day in that it provides many open ended activities within which our students practice social problem solving and exercise their creativity. It is also a space in the day reserved for play, which is important to us…when we work, we really work, and when we play, we really play!


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